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It asked me for pin validation and request for my mobile number, After sending my mobile, no text was received on my mobile number. Still you billed me R out of the blue on 21 July. It has been impossible for 4 days to get zoosm responce from Zoosk. I will not do that.

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To chat with friends and to get full access to send and receive messages and winks, users dating site for over 50 to purchase a subscription.

I was only subscribed for not even a full day, hoping I receive my money back. Perhaps we should sign a petition to the San Francisco Consumer Protection Agency to ban or remove this company from operating. Good online dating usernames examples, in Zoosk only the administrator can do this. Just read 10 or so of the above comments I dont think I will bother zoosk seems to have changed quite a lot in two dating media group cooper city. B4 I Make a Cancellation.!!

I want to know who the hell is running this two bit shit site. After cancelling my membership with Zoost I contacted ny bank to put a stop on any payments to Zoost as the hidden fee was debited by Zoost my credit card fraudulently. Please advise how I can remove my profile from sites that I have never subscribed to. Just send email address like everyone else does and keep money! I want to cancel.

I find such sites to be inciomprehensuiible and therefore uselesss. I intend taking legal action against Zoost to recover the membership fee and fraudulently obtained activation fee and I urge all other dissatisfied Telephone number for zoosk dating site clients to follow suit and expose their illegal and fraudulent abuse of clients on social media as I also intend doing unless they refund my unlawfully obtained money.

I was on Zoosk for a month. I signed up to zoosk for one month only and they have continued to take money out of my account for three more months! There was a charge made to my credit card that I did not authorize and I want it reversed immediately! There seems to be technical errors. I would love to get this cleared up so a phone call would be appreciated!!!!!!!! Zoosk is ranked 30 out of in Dating and Social Networking category.

Your email address will not be published. Hi; I am recieving too many messages from zoosk. You have destroyed my life and you deserve to be shutdown for this. Get to a live person fastest: I also received the email below. I would like to cancel my membership. Kind regards Helen Pantazis. Why dint you have online support? On their website it says that it will take between 3 — 5 business days to process the upgrade. Do you really want me to tell you what I think!!

And am starting to think this be another scam. This website provides users tor a wide range of interesting social set of tools such as Romantic Moments, Personal ssite and Couple Profiles. Telephone number for zoosk dating site refund my t shirt rules for dating daughter account rae. So please be careful! Dating sites for over 40 australia if this will be possible, it will be great.

I do not want to recieve any email from you all what ever please. I think it is crap and I am bloody fed up with all your stupid email, incidently when I press unsubscribe b……all happens and whats more it says you are sending them to an email address I had about 5 years ago so how did you find this one!?

Your business is a scam and we will prosecute! You need to be aware that zooks dating site is being used for scams. The Mobile telephone number for zoosk dating site constantly was asking for one so I uploaded a picture I took of the sunset so it would stop asking for one.

My email address was hacked so I was forced to change my email address. Did you see when you placed a comment it is under review for moderation? Zoosk Customer Service Phone: I spent half the day yesterday trying to phone them number disconnectedget the to call back option, tried for 2 hours, nothing happened. Only way you can stop it telephone number for zoosk dating site cancel your credit card and order a new one so they no longer have your details.

I have tried to reach you for a week by phone. I do not have an e-mail address that is working. I got cheated twice Zoosk took away my coins and kept my money!

You cant get messages or send messages if you do not pay!. All I wanted to do is to be able to talk to someone and to meet new people most other sights will atleast let you talk to someone. I was a member of your site. The call was on hold for more boyfriend still has online dating profile three minutes before it was answered by an telepphone.

The subscription was cancelle last year. Things progressed and as of today, he was trying to still scam money from me. I subscribed to Zoosk and see the charges on my bank account but every time I tried to vor a email to a person I am asked to sign up again.

Need to ask a question. Submit review Don't show this popup. I Joined Zoosk Dec I payed a one of subscription for the full six months. I am receiving text messages from zoosk without having an account, why? Are they blind, If not, do they just close their eyes and throw a dart?

I cant get help right now to get back daing the zoosk dating site and Iam a paid member!! I want off this sight. I am not impressed as I had a male penis as a carousel. I speed dating in detroit area get your help sight and they sent me a e-mail to my old e-mail address and after I read the coaded crap it said to push the ttelephone button to reset my password.

I am at the end of my rope with Zoosk, consistently your website is down or partially down. Sent 2 emails, no reply and here we are with still no access. Ever time I click on something it tells me to upload a new picture to continue. That is a rip off.

The mail that kept popping up has caused severe problem in my life and my future. Please please please will you change my profile from me a woman wanting to meet a man it says I want to meet a woman and I dint. On logging onto my email I had received an email from Zoosk customer service confirming that I had cancelled by subscription!!!!.

I do have a Facebook account if that will help confirm to me that I am off this site Facebook is under name of: I did reply to several of the notices but never got an answer. I have tried datting cards, all with high limits and low balance and they have all been declined.

Please get my request and help me. This is the worst dating website and its fake, they try to make you paydating places in delhi ncr sending you so many request saying that ladies wanted telephone number for zoosk dating site meet you, talk to you, etc.

It asked me for pin validation and request for my mobile number, After telephonne my mobile, no text was received on my mobile number. Even though I did experience some telephone number for zoosk dating site the same issues that have been previously voiced, after three rather unpleasant encounters with potential dates, I was fortunate enough to meet a wonderful lady.

Please remove the notifications from my fb acct. Numbsr found it in the Terms and Conditions of the website, so Zoosk clearly does not want customers to use this information unless they are looking hard for it.

I have been trying to call and to searches for canceling. Have literally telephone number for zoosk dating site me tottaly complete opposite preaty much everyday. Money is the biggest addiction of all. I might actually be missing out on meeting someone genuine due to this. They are telephone number for zoosk dating site pack of thieves and wankers!!! I have been trying to get my profile down due to the fact someone stole my picture and are using it for telepphone match.

Zooosk, is a scam! Nothing but a scam. We asked the hours of operation for customer service and she immediately answered without reserve. This has to be fair. The authorities are aware that he is on your telephone number for zoosk dating site as well. Dear Zoosk I am unable to find a zoosk program that works with flr My daing has posted ziosk explicit picture on my account profile pics causing the administrator to block my account.

Is there any way you could delete me from your sight. I did because there were different guys on that website that I wanted to meet.

Zoosk Contact Information The best Zoosk phone number with tools for skipping the wait on hold, the current wait time, tools for scheduling a time to talk with a Zoosk rep, reminders when the call center opens, tips and shortcuts from other Zoosk customers who called this number. The Customer Service Phone Number of Zoosk is: +1 / / Zoosk is a world's leading dating company which is available in 25 languages including Hrvatski, Italiano, Nederlands, Magyar and Norsk. Contact Zoosk Customer Service. Find Zoosk Customer Support, Phone Number, Email Address, Customer Care Returns Fax, Number, Chat and Zoosk FAQ. (FTC) and I strongly recommend others to do the same! is the only legitimate and user friendly dating site and I don’t believe Zoosk is a partner with them because they are /5(92).

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